Esports web and mobile solutions

27 Nerds is a prospective company focused on developing turnkey eSportseSportseSportseSports solutions. Our professional team will find the most cost-efficient way to deliver your project and care of all development processes.


  • Software Solutions

    Our experience in the development of tools and features ensure the smooth and flawless operation of eSports platforms. Due to our banner management systems and extensions for YouTube and Twitch, you'll be able to analyze your statistics, track chats, and even organize live eSports tournaments.

  • Esports Visual

    Do you need a custom attractive design for your website or app? Our best designers will create an eye-catching interface, recognizable logo, and unique UI elements for your project.

  • Ingame Data

    27 Nerds provide you with robust data parsing apps for DOTA 2 and CS: GO. These applications will help you analyze your gaming skills and share the statistics with your audience. By the way, it's also a great way to get the information necessary to become a pro gamer!

  • Custom solution
    for Broadcasting & Streaming

    We offer custom solutions for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook streamers. If you want to ensure high-quality broadcasting and impressive interaction with your audience, 27 Nerds is your ideal option. Our team will help you create a unique design, GIFs, and other elements to enhance your personal brand.


There are two unique eSports solutions - Dropem and BMS. Our team can show you their demo versions before we'll start the development of similar technology designed especially for your needs.

Board team

  • Serhii Hnatchuk Serhii Hnatchuk

    Serhii Hnatchuk

    Serhii Hnatchuk

  • Maria Polishchuk Maria Polishchuk

    Maria Polishchuk

    Maria Polishchuk

  • Olena Dziura Olena Dziura
  • Yurii Reketchuk Yurii Reketchuk
  • Marko Pazyniak Marko Pazyniak
  • Lyudmyla Hnatchuk Lyudmyla Hnatchuk
  • Igor Petrov Igor Petrov
  • Roman Romanchenko Roman Romanchenko
  • Iryna Dovhanyk Iryna Dovhanyk
  • Rostyslav Pirus Rostyslav Pirus
  • Viktor Ljashenyk Viktor Ljashenyk
  • Viktoriia Petryshyn Viktoriia Petryshyn
  • Ivanna Popovych Ivanna Popovych
  • Valeriia Hubrii Valeriia Hubrii
  • Viktoriia Martyniuk Viktoriia Martyniuk
  • Bogdan Popoilyk Bogdan Popoilyk
  • Sasha Konohorov Sasha Konohorov
  • Dmytro Hladkyi Dmytro Hladkyi
  • Nadya Polishchuk Nadya Polishchuk
  • Serhii Huberniuk Serhii Huberniuk
  • Serhii Shutiak Serhii Shutiak
  • Oleksandr Doskich Oleksandr Doskich
  • Oleg Marko Oleg Marko
  • Petro Polishchuk Petro Polishchuk

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